In hopes to ensure the right fit for both Pet and family, all of our adoptions are ’foster-to-adopt’. This means that, whatever the reason, we will always accept the pet back to our care, in one of our homes (not a cage at a boarding facility or shelter) if the adopter(s) has a change of heart or circumstance. This is one of the many benefits of opting to adopt from a local Rescue organization over a store purchase or shelter Adoption. 

Going on vacation? Have a trip already planned before meeting the furry love of your life? We‘ve got that covered! Our volunteers are more than happy to help babysit your new bundle of joy if you are unable to make other arrangements. 


Gus-Gus is a five year-old Birman grey tabby whose family has fallen on hard times and no longer able to care for him. They did a great job so far because he is happy and healthy with the most loving demeanor I have ever seen in a cat! We don’t think he knows he’s a cat. Named after the cute and chubby mouse from Disney’s Cinderella, Gus is a neutered male, current on all vaccinations and microchipped. An instant best friend to children and animals of all ages – he actually plays, comes when called, loves to cuddle and a purring machine! If fostering, we will provide everything for you (food, supplies, travel, etc), all you need is love and shelter. It is a lonely time and he is just the one to fill your heart and home by brightening your every waking moment! Please contact us, East Coast Pet Rescue, a 501c3 not for profit organization if you or someone you know is interested. Call, text, email or message us: 305.916.3278 email Facebook